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The price of the Mab production against your antigen is 5000 Euros, production time about 3 months.

We need the following to be clarified before taking up the order:

  1. What is the intended Mab application? It often happens so, that the Mab, performing well in the solid phase enzyme immunoassay, do not show any performance in Western blotting, and vice versa. The anti-viral Mab will not necessarily neutralize the virus, and the Mab, produced against the isolated protein domain, will not necessarily bind the whole protein or the receptor in the cell membrane structure. When producing Mab we try to apply specific methods, which will be further used by the customer, or select those, which are in maximal proximity.
  2. Un-wanted cross-reactivity. If neglect this factor when producing Mab against bacteria, viruses, and proteins, having a pronounced homology with other proteins, there is a big probability to get such Mab, which cross-react with closely related species or strains of microorganisms, or homologous proteins. To avoid this it is necessary to determine, which proteins or microbes the Mab planned for the development should not react with.
  3. The amount and purity of the antigen. The optimal amount of the antigen, required for the Mab production is 1-5 mg. Having such amounts at our disposal, we can select better immunization conditions, optimize testing procedures, and select the Mab, having the target properties. It is often the case, however, that the available amounts of antigens are much lower, or the antigen is not accessible in the purified form at all. Usually, we afford such situations, having in store special methods of extra low-dosage immunization, as well as the synthetic peptide immunization and some other approaches. MORE DETAIL ...