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RCMDT is a modern research and production institute, specializing in the development of novel molecular methods of diagnosis and therapy. The production scale of the RCMDT Biotechnology Laboratory is about 50 panels of monoclonal antibodies (Mab) against a wide range of protein and non-protein antigens. The Laboratory has a profound background of know-how, making it possible to solve hard tasks of developing high affinity antibodies against dubious antigens: low molecular compounds, non-immunogenic and/or high toxicity proteins, peptides and other substances. We meet the challenge of developing the Mab with special properties, i.e. Mab with the neutralizing activity against viruses, enzymes, and cytokines. There is a positive experience of producing Mab, which work under the denaturing conditions. The all-round experience of the stuff is a good soil for the success of Mab production having minimal antigens amounts or without any at all. ORDER Mab PRODUCTION

It is more than 15 years that the Laboratory is headed by Doctor of Biology, Professor Peter G.Sveshnikov. During this time there have been implemented a number of research projects under the support of the International Science and Technology Center (ISTC), the Civilian Research and Development Fund (CRDF), Russian Fund for Fundamental Research (RFFR), and other Russian and International organizations. MORE DETAIL ...

Beside the scientific experience obtained in the course of the research projects implementation, the Laboratory has a rich collection of cell lines: more than 20000 ampoules with hybridoma cells are kept in the liquid nitrogen tanks and maintained in the productive state. The majority of the cell lines was produced on our own account and is available for purchase. MORE DETAIL